“Poison”by Joy Oladokun, Single Review

NCS_2308-1“Poison” is the latest single off of Joy Oladokun’s upcoming debut album Carry. The new single is a tale of heartbreak and melancholy carried by string instruments, meant to tug at your heart strings. One of the most simple, lazy ways to describe this song is that it’s perfect for Adele fans who are craving something new. If you like that emotional melody, impassioned vocals that might even make you shed a tear as you take your own trip down memory lane, “Poison” is definitely the song for you. If you don’t, then the music is so beautiful that it’s worth a listen anyway.

A song like “Poison,” though, doesn’t deserve just a simple description. It deserves a song just to describe how beautiful it is. The simple but eloquent arrangement of the string instruments consumes you. The vocals are amazing, but what’s really impressive is the delivery. Certain words are emphasized, and the way that the vocals flow in and out of the melody cuts you to the very core.

All of that is plenty enough reason to fall in love with the song, or at least give it a great deal of respect. If it isn’t, then the lyrics are more than enough reason on their own. With unique word choice and melody all of its own, it’s pure poetry. They paint these vivid outlines and scenarios that aren’t really detailed. But they prompt you to fill in the details on your own, using your own stories and memories to make it all the more impactful.

“Poison” is a song that might be meant for fans of Adele and similar artists, but it can be appreciated by everyone. Listen to “Poison” below and keep an eye out for more news about her debut album Carry, available this year.

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