“Riddle” by Kyle Britton: Single Review

A lot of interesting music makes its way through the collective inboxes here at Music Unlabeled. I never know what I’m going to click through to because it is so hard to capture the essence of sound in just a few words, but the adventure is half the fun when it comes to new music. Especially when the music captivates you in a few notes and holds you hostage to itself. Such is the case with this single from Kyle Britton.

From the opening notes, the song takes on a unique and ethereal feeling to the melody. The song is almost impossibly emotional, with every lyric and word stitched perfectly together to tell a gorgeously dark and sad story. It is incredibly easy to get lost in the notes of this song, and it is incredibly worth the time spent wandering through the haunting melodies that linger in your ear long after the final note plays.

All in all? go look up Kyle Britton right now. It is worth the hunt to hear the full extent of his talent, and it is certainly something that I am going to be undertaking in the weeks to come because his talent is absolutely undeniable and his music is positively gorgeous.

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