“Letting In The Dead” by DreamVacation: Single Review

dreamvacationToday I had the absolute delight of finding myself introduced to to the music of a group called DreamVacation. I am absolutely delighted that they’ve made their way to my speakers, as they’ve had great success so far! With songs featured in popular television shows on Showtime, TNT, and Syfy, they recently had opportunity to record an EP with producer John Rausch. They easily make their talent known with this single though.

The track is incredibly mellow at first listen, but a few more times through shows a variety of levels that really capture the imagination. It builds gently from opening second of the song, and becomes incredibly easy to groove along to as a vibrating energy makes itself known with each and every note. The songs grabs the attention and is an absolute treat to the ears. It’s not particularly slow or fast pacing, but the track definitely moves at exactly the right speed for the atmosphere it builds.

They are definitely worth a listen, and i will definitely be listening to them a lot more in the future. This track is a fantastic introduction to them, and really hooks the listener and makes them want to hear even more from the group. And with how things look right now, we will definitely be hearing more and more from them in the days yet to come.

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