“Terrible Things” EP by the Orphan, the Poet

TheOrphanThePoet.jpgThe Orphan, the Poet is an alternative band out of Dayton, OH who made their debut in 2011 with the EP Translating. Now they’re back with a brand new EP, Terrible Things. The EP, released June 3, is a fresh record from a band that are just starting to fine tune their sound. It’s melodic, playful, with chilling guitar riffs and lyrics that make you think as you sing along. Engineered by Nick Ingram and mixed/produced by Machine (Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Every Time I Die,) the composition of Terrible Things is very interesting as well, a unique bonus that stands out. With the constant shifting of focus and volume, you feel more immersed into some song than others. But at the end of the five songs, you’re begging to hear more from the Orphan, the Poet.

The lyrics on songs like “Bombs Away” and “Wild & Young” stand out above all other songs on Terrible Things. The two songs complement each other very well, describing the feeling of wanting to make every moment count and the feeling of wanting to enjoy your youth and make mistakes while you can, and how you can have them simultaneously. The two songs are very relatable. Almost every twenty something and younger has felt the words of the song in their mind and soul at least once, and hearing the feelings put into words so eloquently is reassuring no matter what age you are or what path you’re on.

The composition for Terrible Things wasn’t an immersive experience though. You weren’t able to hear every instrument clearly, you felt almost disconnected from the music at times. Like you were the next door neighbor of a high school garage band, close enough to hear it and observe but not close enough to connect. But it works. In a certain way, the way that the instruments are produced and engineered only add to the style and sound. The Orphan, the Poet are like that high school garage band; fresh, new, excited for the next step and with all of the potential to reach anything they desire. And where you felt disconnected, other elements of the song made up for it. You have to be willing to listen and make that connection yourself though.

Melodic and playful, Terrible Things is an EP worth checking out. The Orphan, the Poet are also playing a string of shows in support of CONDITIONS from June 9 to the 11, as well as playing a release show at Park Street Saloon in Columbus, OH. The record can be bought on TheOrphanThePoet.com and tickets for the shows can be purchased now.

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