Counting Days Release First Music Video with Curtis Ward

Counting Days have just released a music video for their new single, “Prison of Misery.” The track features new member Curtis Ward, former guitarist of Bring Me The Horizon, and is taken from the band’s debut album Liberated Sounds. You can watch the music video at the bottom of the page.

“Prison of Misery” is a beautiful, faster melodic song with lots of guitars and passionate vocals. Guitarist Charlie Wilson says the lyrics to the song are, “influenced by the feeling of depression and anxiety, and how you can tear yourself apart from it.” You can definitely sense the inspiration as the song builds up in areas only to lash out uncontrollably. The music video was shot in an underground parking lot in North London that’s being restored back into a theatre, and the location helps to perfectly capture that loss of control feeling.

The camera angles never stay focused on one scene. Instead the camera kind of flies around the room, capturing different glimpses and shots and moving in erratic ways. The dark and dusty setting for the video only adds to the feeling of loneliness that might accompany depression and anxiety, and the way that the camera flits between different band members and instruments (like the vocalist and kick drum) brings that particular sound to the viewer’s attention.

Counting Days have been on tour for most of 2016, appearing alongside bands like Coldrain, Architects, and more. The band are also playing two festivals in June, Camden Rocks Festival on June 4 and the Download Festival on June 10. The group’s debut record, Liberated Sounds, is out now through Mascot Records.

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