“Wild At Heart” by Western Daughter: EP Review

Sometimes there’s a sound that’s not quite acoustic, but not heavily edited to flow smoothly either. It’s rarely a bad sound, and it certainly pops out a little more when you hear it. Today’s EP from Western Daughter has that sound, and they use it expertly.

The EP has a very raw feeling and plays off of it in wonderful ways. With evocative lyrics and melodic tones, each song flows easily against the ears and washes over the listener with its story. It’s a very relaxing EP, and while it may not be one that hits you upside the head and drags you along for the ride it has its own magic. Each song is fun and unique to itself, and it manages to create an EP that is an absolute delight to listen to.

All in all? This EP leaves quite the impression, with each song catching the attention with ease. Western Daughter certainly makes a good first impression on the ear drums. Their songs easily work their way into the mind and linger with the listener, leaving that itch for more and more and more.

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