“King of the League” by Gideon’s Army: Album Review

Earlier this month I had the chance to listen to and review “Red Lips” by Gideon’s Army. Today i get the honor of reviewing the album that that single stems off of. King of the League released today, and it certainly held up to the single that preceded it here on Music Unlabeled.

The album has a twang to it that makes it stand out with ease as it appeals to the ear. The energy is steady throughout,  embracing the listener and pulling them deeper into each track with an ease that is undeniable. Each song takes on it’s own life, twisting and turning as the album plays through. It’s a delightful adventure, with a variety of speeds despite the same consistent energy resonating through each of the tracks on the album.

It isn’t an overwhelming album, or an underwhelming one, but it is a fantastic album and I absolutely recommend that you seek it it out and listen to it. It’s provocative and gorgeously rendered. It easily encompasses everything the “Red Lips” set it up for, and then some.

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