“Drunk on You” by EMYLE: Single Review

We get a lot of various sounds here at Music Unlabeled, and it’s absolutely delightful to be able to go into anything and know that whatever you’re about to listen to is utterly different than what you listened to the day before. It’s a bit of an adventure, and it is always a fun time, which is often only improved when we get a song that just drips with a fun energy, like today.

The song vibrates with energy from the very first second, launching straight into gorgeous vocals that capture the attention with ease. It is beautiful from the very start, and the energy never stops resonating softly through the entire length of the song. Bubbly and fun, the song is pretty addicting and easy enough to groove along to especially when you take into account the absolutely gorgeous vocals that simply do not let up for the entire course of the song.

All in all? It’s a fantastic song that absolutely has a home in any party playlist that i ever make. The energy is spot on, and it never lets up. I definitely think you should give this song a shot, because it can easily add a little extra oomph into your day or night.

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