“Some Other Dude” by Everywhere: Single Review

Sometimes it’s hard to get going on the best of music. A million and one things could play into it but luckily there are some songs that can instantly destroy that barrier. Today’s review just so happens to be a prime example of a song with such capabilities.

From the very start the song is filled with energy, bubbling up at first and then ensconcing the listener as it goes on. It’s hard to not get lost in the song, which is a very energetic and bubbly take on a situation that’s just barely slipped through the fingers. It has a very positive feeling to it, which only adds to the fun club like atmosphere that the lyrics manage to paint with ease.

All in all? I’ll certainly be keeping and eye out for Everywhere’s upcoming EP, because this song definitely grabbed my attention. It was fun, energetic, and left me craving more even after being on repeat for well over an hour. I definitely think it’s worth your time.

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