“Told a Lie” by Graveyard Lovers: Single Review

I’ve been lucking out with newer and lesser known artists lately, and today’s review keeps that streak going. “Told A Lie” by the Graveyard Lovers has been an absolute delight to listen to while I try and find the words to tell you how lovely it really is.

The song has a low buzzing energy from the very start, and it become a constant presence throughout the track. Incredibly balanced and flowing easily throughout it’s length, there are rough patches sprinkled through the song where parts just sound more guttural. The roughness plays off a measured and melodic sound, that easily helps to bind the two extremes to each other.

I definitely think you need to be listening to this song STAT. It is incredible to listen to, even as it switches from heavier growling sounds to more melodic ones. Perfectly blended so that the changes are never too extreme, this song really gets me hyped up to hear more from the group. And I would never tell you a lie when it comes to music.

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