“Wherever I Go” by OneRepublic: Single Review

I have been a flurry of excitement for nearly a week now, but I’ve finally put myself in check enough to review the newest single from OneRepublic. I am always up for content from OneRepublic, because they never fail to capture my ears and my heart. “Wherever I Go” easily does that for me within the first second of the song.

Dripping with emotion from the get go, the song resonates with energy that only seems to build as it continues. Fast paced, the song sweeps you away with the first notes and takes you along in an almost roller coaster like fashion, and leaves you absolutely breathless. The song goes by so quickly that it feels too short, and yet it manages to tie everything up so nicely that it doesn’t seem to drop off too abruptly.

All in all? I am beyond excited to hear more new material from OneRepublic, and look forward to the whispered about new album with great joy and hope. I sincerely think you should go listen to this single on repeat, because there’s no getting sick of it in my opinion.

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