“Insubordia PT II” by The Lost Poets, album review

CD cover Insubordia pt2.jpgThe Lost Poets are back at it with Insubordia PT II,” a direct follow up to their 2014 release Insubordia, which received international praise and got them touring with different bands. Insubordia PT II is a dissonant swamp rock-blues record, driven by interesting guitars and droning vocals that grab your attention.

It doesn’t always keep your attention there though. While the music has all of the potential to be out of this world and does contain some intrigue, it’s more off-putting and overwhelming than alluring. Especially to the everyday listener who isn’t immersed in their unique genre.

The guitars and instrumentation is definitely unique and strikes a certain cord. You can tell how talented the musicians are right from the start, as well as how much work they put into making Insubordia PT II a reality. But it’s only once in a while that a particular note or line will stand out to the everyday listener. Most of the time, the instruments and vocals all seem to blend together and you end up zoning out while listening to it. This isn’t through anyone’s fault, it’s just how the music is perceived. It doesn’t stop the actual instruments from being unique and good.

The droning vocals definitely add to the dissonance, hardcore swamp vibe of the songs. However, in some songs they’re hard to understand. You feel like you should be poignantly affected by the song, the way that the vocals help build it up. The fact that the vocals are able to convey that feeling show the talent of the vocalist, despite not being able to make out what the lyrics are a hundred percent of the time.

In the end, Insubordia PT II is a unique album designed for fans who have a unique taste in music. This album might not be a favorite, but if you’re open to trying new things, The Lost Poets and their new album are meant for you.

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