“Sparkle Sparkle” by Holy White Hounds: Album Review

Sometimes you start an album, and end up surprised by the end of it. This new album from Holy White Hounds is one of those times for me, and in the most delightful of ways. A nice, classic rock sound at the start, Sparkle Sparkle quickly swept me  away on a fantastic audio journey that was absolutely captivating.

The energy of the album is clear from the starting notes. Reverberating instruments give way to steady, throaty vocals that hold steady in pace and volume for the most part, pulling the more ethereal and echoing sounds of the instruments into a cohesive sound. It’s enrapturing, because there’s such a strange balance to the songs, and the vocals only get more experimental as the album continues through it’s ten tracks. It’s a sound that easily stands out on it’s own once you get into the nitty gritty and hear the album in it’s entirety. Though most of the effects are common at the start of the album, an increasing variety add in along the way, including a few wild vocal tricks that both jump out at the listener and flow perfectly within the songs they appear in.

All in all? This was an incredibly interesting album from start to finish. It has a million and one things going on, but manages to balance them out so perfectly that it is far from being too much all at once. I highly recommend that you go out and listen to this album as soon you possibly can, because it is incredibly worth the time. Sparkle Sparkle releases tomorrow, May 6.

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