“Just To Get Through To You” by Hit The Lights, EP Review

Hit The Lights - Just To Get Through To You

Just To Get Through To You is the newest EP from Ohio native pop-punk band Hit the Lights. The EP is an acoustic reimagining of just a few of their most popular songs, including “F*cked Up Kids,” “Drop The Girl,” and others. But it also includes a brand new song, “Lighthouse,” to close out the album. Whether these songs are your fan-favorites or brand new to you, everyone will be able to appreciate something in Just To Get Through To You, out May 6 through Pure Noise Records.

Hit The Lights have made their name with upbeat, high energy pop-punk songs that crowds probably mosh to in mosh pits. Before hearing the album, you couldn’t really picture these fan-favorite, high energy songs as anything but high energy. But especially not low-key acoustic songs.

However, after getting through Just To Get Through To You, you might like them even more than the original songs. Hit The Lights have made this EP a brand new experience for both first time listeners and longtime fans.

The songs are reimagined in a way that there’s even more focus on the lyrics and the meaning behind them. With the high energy original versions, the heavy instrumentals and percussion heavy melody would occasionally tear listener’s attention away from the lyrics. The Just To Get Through To You version of “Summer Bones” has a much different feel and impact than the original – even with the original being more toned down than some of Hit The Lights more popular songs. The acoustic version of “Summer Bones” allows for a more intimate feel, and a better connection to the song. The same can be said about all the other songs on the EP too.

In addition, Just To Get Through To You has a nice flow that makes it super easy to listen to. From the first track all the way to the end, it’s like these songs were meant to be together in this particular order. It’s not only melodies that drive the flow between the songs. It’s the emotion and the desired impact of the songs as well. Just To Get Through To You finishes with a brand new song, “Lighthouse,” which is a perfect blend of acoustic and punk. The lyrics are emotional, and the dynamic vocals just draw you further into the song. It’s the perfect closer to this touching EP. And at the same time, you don’t want it to end.

Just To Get Through To You is out May 6 through Pure Noise Records. You can also stream the EP on HitTheLights.MerchNow.com. Hit The Lights are also touring with Seaway, Can’t Swim, and Casey Bolles on the Pure Noise Tour, going on now.

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