“The Road” by Fred Colombo, EP Review

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Released March 29, The Road EP is the newest record from French-Italian musician Fred Colombo. Colombo is mainly known for his work with Spheric Universe Experience, Artefact, and Ghostfather; all progressive metal acts. However, he’s been a solo artist since 2013 and is looking to try something different with The Road EP.

The Road is described as a “trip-hop ambient EP full of deep, dark moods blended with pop melodies.” That description hits a lot of categories, and from the six songs that are on the EP, The Road manages to hit most of them. Whether it’s done well or not, that’s another thing entirely. There are songs that have amazing instrumentals and kind of sweep you away. Then there are songs where it’s just too much going on all at once that you can’t focus on any one thing. Every song, however, sounds like a weird out of this world experience that would be The Weather on the hit-podcast, Welcome To Night Vale.

One of the leadings songs on The Road is “Kill Me,” a hip-hop meets RnB meets instrumental mixture with frankly overdramatic lyrics that you can’t take seriously. When you’re able to focus on the lyrics at all. “Kill Me” is obviously meant to be this very heartfelt song, but there are simply too many varied elements. They pull your attention into different directions, leaving you feeling just confused. The following track is the same way. No hook, nothing to draw you in, and too many things going on at once.

But halfway through the EP, there’s a split. It’s like both you and Colombo find the steps on the road and everything sounds peaceful and makes sense. “Out There” is this lovely instrumental song, a ballad almost, that just sweeps you off your feet. It’s progressive, it’s catchy, and you have the potential to lose yourself in it. The same can be said about the two songs following it.

At the end of The Road EP, you’re feeling even more confused than when you started because you just don’t know what to think. Or at least I was. Did I like it? Did I hate it? Was there some symbolic message here waiting to be discovered? Was it just music? Maybe I should listen to it again…

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