We get a lot of varied sounds here at Music Unlabeled, but there is something homey about a good southern rock sound that I just can’t explain. Which is why I found it easy to fall in love with this track from Gideon’s Army.

Slow and steady, this track drags you in gently. However, despite it’s slower pacing, the song is burning with energy and holds the attention incredibly well. It comes to life with it’s evocative language, painting the story against your ear drums with every single note. It’s a track that’s easy to get lost in, easy to drown in, and easy to follow through to the end over and over. With drawling vocals and steady instruments, this song was almost instantly on repeat.

All in all? This is a fantastic single, and it made it easy for me to fall in love with the group’s sound. A great introduction, I definitely think you should go and listen to this track immediately, as well as keep an eye out for the rest of the album later this month.