“salt ‘n long distance” by Foxall: EP review

Last week we covered a new single from Foxall. This week we get to share with you their new EP, releasing this Friday, May 6! Having already captivated me with “Squeeze”, I’m reasonably excited to hear the other three songs off this EP and get a better grasp on the group’s sound.

Staying within the acoustic realm, there’s something incredibly relaxing about the EP. It mixes the strumming guitar with a variety of speeds and some music box like sounds and whistling in certain tracks. The album is incredibly sweet, with evocative lyrics that are incredibly powerful. However, there is also an element of fun and whimsy to the emotive tracks, which only adds to some of the sweeter lyrics of the EP.

All in all, this was a wonderful EP and I definitely think you should take the time to go and listen this Friday. Foxall is a lovely group with beautiful music, and I hope that I’ll be hearing plenty from them in the days to come.

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