“Inuti Finns Utopi” by Körsbärsfettera: Album Review

korsbarsMusic can transcend language. Which is just a really pretty way of forewarning all the folks out there that today’s review is sung in Swedish, since there are those who aren’t comfortable with listening to music in languages they don’t themselves speak. I don’t rally take issue with it, but I do need to be in the right mental frame to not be completely lost while I listen. At any rate, let’s get down to what really matters with this posts. Körsbärsfettera is a female punk rock band from Sweden, and there album is set to be released tomorrow.

The music is high in energy from the very start, with growling vocals and crashing instruments. Though there is always a slight dissociation from the music when it’s not your native tongue, it does a fantastic job of drawing the listener in and I’m sure it’d only be doubled if I spoke and understood Swedish on some level. The songs roll easily one into the next, and the album seems to go by in absolutely no time at all. There were times that it was easy to forget that I was listening to something in a language that I don’t speak and just sway along with the music, which is always a fantastic sign in my opinion. Körsbärsfettera capture you with their music and they make it so it’s incredibly hard to stop listening.

I highly recommend that you check out Inuti Finns Utopi as soon as you can access it. Again, it is set to release on April 29, and I certainly look forward to hearing more from Körsbärsfettera in days to come, even if I don’t completely understand them. there are some things that simply transcend language. Good music just happens to be one of them.

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