“Savage Fantastic” by Lucky Jukebox Brigade: EP Review

Wandering through music you haven’t heard before can be hit or miss. If you’re open to anything, you’ll find a lot more hits than misses. Some take time to become a hit. Others, like this new EP from Lucky Jukebox Brigade, are instantly hits after only a few notes. That’s part of what makes new music so much fun.

The EP is filled with songs that positively drip energy with a strong emotive presence throughout them. It is easy to get lost in the music because it is fantastic and absolutely brilliant. A beautiful blend of poppy sounds and indie rock, each track has its own energy and still manages to blend flawlessly into the next track. It leaves you craving more and more from the album, and listening to it on repeat to get your fix. The tracks range from upbeat to slower paced, making it so there is a good display of the talent behind the music.

Savage Fantastic was absolutely wonderful to listen to, and I highly recommend that you seek out Lucky Jukebox Brigade immediately if you haven’t heard their music yet. It is an absolutely worthwhile experience. The EP is wonderful, and I absolutely will be looking out for more from the group because I am absolutely enamored.

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