“Squeeze” by Foxall: Single Review

We have the pleasure of coming into contact with some interesting sounds here at Music Unlabeled, but there is always some so enrapturing about an artist that has a fantastic acoustic sound. “Squeeze” is a single from a group called Foxall that is absolutely enrapturing.

The track is evocative and holds a steady pace though its length. It’s energy rises and ebbs with the vocals, creating an effective that is surprisingly similar to listening to the waves of the ocean against the shore. With it’s smooth pacing and balanced vocals, the song is wonderful on principle. The images painted by the lyrics only add to the experience of the song.

All in all, it’s a fantastic song and I look forward to hearing more from Foxall. Which makes this next sentence all the more exciting to type. Foxall’s EP, salt ‘n long distance, is due out on May 6th.

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