“All Inside Your Head” by Mi’das: Album Review

Since I’m always excited to hear new material from Mi’das, this album was a real treat for me. We’ve featured singles by Mi’das before here on Music Unlabeled, and I take great delight in adding an album review for All Inside Your Head to our coverage of him. It’s a wonderful album from the start, and draws the listener in with ease.

Evocative and beautiful, each track twists wondrously through the listener’s ears and pulls them deeper into the music. The melodic tones create a relaxing sensation that allows the ghost of the songs emotive words to wash over the listener with a soft intensity that I have come to associate with Mi’das. Each song is its own unique experience, filled to the brim with energy that holds the listener captive. The amount of artistry in this album is indescribable, and the talent behind the music clearly shows.

I am always filled with praise when it comes to Mi’das, and this album is no different. It is positively beautiful, and it is filled with wonderful songs that are incredibly soothing to listen to even as the paint the emotional tones of a story within your mind’s eye. All Inside Your Head is a wonderful album to experience, and I heartily recommend that you go listen to Mi’das right away if you haven’t yet.

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