“Kentucky” by Black Stone Cherry, Album Review

M7483[1].jpgBlack Stone Cherry’s brand new album Kentucky pays homage to their hometown, southern rock roots. Since the eight years they’ve been around, they’ve played all around the world and have gained an enormous following. Black Stone Cherry have become an influential part of the southern rock genre. With melodic guitars and more guitar solos than you can count, Kentucky is exactly what you would expect from a southern rock album.

To honor how far they’ve come and where they started, Kentucky was recorded in their hometown studio featuring hometown players. The music sounds like it’s not just a band, but a family collaborating on it. The sound is just that united, and it’s obvious on songs like “Soul Machine.” Unity seems to be a frequent tool used on the album. The songs on Kentucky flow easily together, one right into the next. It doesn’t sound like just a compilation of songs, but like a piece of art where each song is essential to the album.

The album starts off strong with the upbeat and addictive song, “The Way Of The Future.” However, just as important as the opening is the closing. Kentucky finishes off on a poignant note with “The Rambler,” which describes the struggles between following your dreams and sticking near your loved ones and comfort zones. The album cover reflects this, with a bungalow in the drummer’s own backyard, which was the band’s practice space in high school.

All in all, Kentucky is a great album for all southern rock fans. If you’re not traditionally a fan of the genre, you’re going to have a hard time getting into this album. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth listening to. And if you are a fan of the southern rock genre, then you’d be insane not to give Black Stone Cherry’s new album a shot.

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