“Fever Dreams” by Dog Brain: EP Review

Dog Brain is always a delight, and I can’t deny I tend to get excited at the mere thought of new content from them. Fever Dreams is no different, and delivers everything that I’ve come to expect from Dog Brain beautifully. Released earlier this year, this EP is a great place to jump in if you haven’t taken my advice and listened to Dog Brain by this point.

Blending easy going vibes with high energy, this EP has a lot to offer. It easily mellows the listener out while at the same time providing music that is extraordinarily easy to bop and groove along to. Music that both fills the listener with energy while relaxing them is a hard balance to keep, but Dog Brain are experts at walking that fine line. With meandering tracks that keeps the attention drawn taught through the entire length of the album, I really can’t extol this album enough.

With all that being said, do you really have a reason to not check them out at this point? We’ve been reviewing them since way back in the beginning of Music Unlabeled, and every time I walk away impressed and a little more in love with them than I was before. They are excellent, this EP is excellent, and you should definitely check them out because it is absolutely worth it.

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