The Split Seconds New Video for “Cutting Out”

The Split Seconds

New pop-punk band The Split Seconds have released a video for their brand new song, “Cutting Out.” The song is taken from their upcoming, self-titled album dropping through Holy Mother Records sometime soon. The music video for “Cutting Out” can be viewed below.

The Split Seconds are definitively pop punk, with that classic sound similar to Ramones and Green Day. The instrumentals are promising, joining together to create the iconic sound that punk rockers all around the world can mosh too.

But what’s even more intriguing about The Split Seconds is their lyrics. “Cutting Out” describes the feeling of being caught in a rut, feeling like you’re not doing enough. The lyrics perfectly, plainly describe that feeling (example: “Gotta try my luck / even though I’m gonna fuck it all up”, “Castrated by my comfort zone”).

The music video has a classic feel to it, while matching the theme of “Cutting Out” itself. The music video switches or cuts to different clips of the band playing in different venues and singing on the street. It’s got that rushed but going nowhere feeling that is perfectly described in the song.

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