“Blue” by The Sky Catching Fire, EP Review


Blue is the latest EP by The Sky Catching Fire, a duo from Orange County featuring Thomas Monroe and Steve Ybarra. Their music is a mash up of Jack Johnson, Jack White, and Modest Mouse in a way, though the band drew influences from many sources to complete the latest EP. Released on February 5, Blue has a unique flavor to it, the melodies flowing from cute to alarming with ease, grabbing your attention and pulling you along for the ride.

The song starts off with “Monsters,” which is a charming acoustic song with an equally charming music video. The songwriting in Blue seems so simple, but at the same time there’s definite meaning under the surface most of the time. The melodies sound equally simple, but beautiful and very intriguing. The guitars are interwoven with percussion, giving you that classic acoustic sound without being boring.

At just five songs, the EP seems incredibly short. You feel like there should be more there. Not only that, but you want there to be more there. There are some flaws with the EP, though. Most noticeably are the vocals, which while interestingly captivating sometimes fade too much into the background, making it hard to tell what they’re singing.

But taking everything into consideration, Blue is still a wonderful EP from a band that has shown they’re more than worth listening to.

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