“Everybody Wants” by The Struts: Album Review

The Struts have been grabbing attention for a while now, with this album originally being released in 2014. The rerelease of Everybody Wants was an exciting concept, and now that it’s live it doesn’t disappoint at all. The album originally was filled with high energy and a sound that made the listener stop and give their attention to the song, so it was intriguing to imagine what more a second release could do for the album and the band.

This new version of the album mixes up the original track listing by dropping a few songs and adding in new tracks that weren’t on the original release of the album. The changes add to the album beautifully, especially since in addition to all the cosmetic changes a few audio ones were made. The album has a tighter, more cohesive sound and explores a few slower paced sounds. This second coming of the album takes everything that was good about the first release and builds on it, showing how much the group has grown since the original release.

All in all? A fantastic album the first go round, and an even better experience the second time around. I look forward to hearing ever more from the Struts in the days to come.

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