Insight on “Alexisonfire: Live At Copps”

ALEXISONFIRE_LIVEATCOPPS.jpgConcerts are magical. They’re the one place where you can hear music in its rawest form, be connected to the crowd, and can feel a part of something so much bigger. When you listen to a live album, you expect to be transported to that magical moment. The new live album from Alexisonfire, Live At Copps, does exactly that. But what the record represents, where it was recorded, why it was recorded, is what makes the album so unique.

Alexisonfire is a post-hardcore rock band from Canada, formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2012. For years they were a prominent figure in their genre, with four albums and multiple awards under their belt, their influence on the genre can’t be downplayed. Recorded at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON during their farewell tour, Alexisonfire: Live At The Copps is a way for fans to experience the band live in action one last time. The emotion of that unforgettable moment can be heard in not only the band’s performance, but the crowd’s as well. Now, four years later, the unforgettable show is finally available for fans all around to hear.

This album is going to resonate differently with different people, as all live albums tend to do. If you’ve been a lifelong fan of Alexisonfire, you’re going to love every minute of Live At Copps, and it’ll be almost as if you’re actually there. If you have never heard of them in your life, then whatever flaws this album may or may not have are going to be evident. You might even go as far as to not like it. If you fall somewhere in the middle though (like me) you’re going to be able to see all sides of Alexisonfire: Live At Copps. You’re going to be hit by the emotion, you’re going to be amazed by the fan’s reaction, and how one song easily slips into the next in a way that’s too perfect to seem true. You’re also going to hear how the actual recording keeps it from being the best live album of the year.

But the latter isn’t going to matter to the fans. Any issues with recording are small, easily overlooked, and the fans are going to be too swept up in the moment to really notice anyway. There’s a lot to be swept up in when you’re listening to Live At Copps. As much as it transports you, it’s also significant in the fact that it’s one of their last shows right in your earbuds. One way or another, Live At Copps has a lot to offer both fans and music lovers. Whether you’ve never heard of them before, Live At Copps is worth checking out.

Alexisonfire: Live At Copps is available now through Dine Alone Records, and is available as a limited edition four LP set with an exclusive Blu-Ray featuring the entire set with extras.

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