“You and I” by Pvris: Single Review

Sometimes what you want to listen to comes down to a bunch of play and pause on a variety of tracks until you find something that actually catches your ear for a bit. Indecision can hit at any time when it comes to music, but that song that pulls you out of it is normally something else entirely. Tonight that song is “You and I” for me.

The song is really airy and melodic, with a deep set energy reverberating through it. The song is softly evocative, and holds the attention with ease. The vocals are especially captivating, ranging from soft and dream like to rich and deep sounding with ease. There’s a mix of sounds and effects sprinkled through the track that constantly keep the song shifting and changing.

It’s a fantastic track, and if you haven’t listened to it yet I highly suggest that you rectify this immediately. It’s exactly the sort of pacing and sound that I needed tonight, neither overwhelming nor forgettable with it’s ultimate design.

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