“We Were Kids” by Penny Was Right, EP Review

Penny Was Right - We Were KidsWe Were Kids is the newest EP from Penny Was Right, a pop-punk band from Paris, France. The new EP is six tracks long; all of them with a stellar bass line and a bouncy, poppy sound. The lyrics are melodic and blunt, making We Were Kids a high-energy, highly relatable EP that is certain to grab your attention. The band themselves is such a unique and incredible mix of individuals, and some of the songs are bound to have a bigger impact when you consider the voice behind them.

The EP starts out with the title track, a poppy-nostalgic song that’s easy to listen to. From there, We Were Kids gets subtly heavier instrumentally, until you have the ending track “Rooftop.” While still with the upbeat melody, “Rooftop” sings about a superhero who has “a lonely heart with a rooftop view,” which is a different, not often thought about perspective on super heroes in general.

The nostalgic feeling never quite fades. Part of what makes We Were Kids so great is that it paints highly relatable situations and feelings, reminds you exactly what it feels like and takes you right back to the moment you experienced them. With “Your Ex Is a D*ck,” there’s that all too familiar feeling of seeing your crush or current partner’s ex and just getting this overwhelming sense of jealousy. So much that you want to pain them as being a bad guy, even if they’re not.

Another good example of songs that take you back to a certain period in time is “Never Go, Stay Forever.” The song is about as cheesy of a love song as you can get, but in all of the right ways. So cute, so heartwarming, and made all the more significant by the lead singer. Punk rock is a male dominated genre. When you do have a female lead, it’s not too often that you hear them singing so plainly about another girl in such a romantic, cute, and cheesy way.

Throughout every song though, the instruments are what stick out. They have all of the classic elements of a pop-punk record, with the added bonus of being mostly original at the same time. The instrument that made the biggest impression was the bass. With certain notes and licks that have their time and place to show off, as well as serving as the one instrument to kind of provide the backup and carry the melody on its shoulders, it definitely sticks out in the best way.

To make a very long story very short, We Were Kids is absolutely amazing. If for no other reason than the fresh voice and the awesome bass, it’s worth checking out. We Were Kids is available now through iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and other streaming/purchasing services.

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