“Only Just A Call Away” by The Struts: Single Review

The Struts are still in the opening notes of their career, but they’ve certainly made an entrance with them. Faced with an upcoming rerelease of their debut album, we’ve been gifted with a brand new single off the album that has been asses since the initial release. “Only Just A Call Away” is the newest song that joins tracks like “Could Have Been Me”, “Kiss This”, and “Dirty Sexy Money”.

The song is incredibly melodic in nature, with a smooth and flowing energy to it that draws the listener in with ease. The song is deeply evocative, and stands apart from a lot of the more audibly energetic singles that the band has already put out with it’s slightly toned down pacing. The song is incredibly beautiful, and honestly went on repeat before I even made it through the first time.

All in all? Go check out this song and everything else by the Struts as soon as you have a spare moment. I promise you it is worth it. This is an incredible song from a band with a bunch of fun and enrapturing music to listen to. I for one am looking forward to the reissue of Everybody Wants this March 4, and I hope that you are too.

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