“Death Deserves A Name” by Can’t Swim

CantSwim.jpgNew Jersey rock band Can’t Swim are releasing their new EP, Death Deserves A Name, Friday February 26 through Pure Noise Records. The band founded in 2015 and infuses alternative and indie rock together with pop punk. Death Deserves A Name has a nostalgic sound, reminiscent of a band playing right out of their garage. Despite the nostalgic, garage band sound, Can’t Swim are far from amateurs. They crafted a catchy EP that is sure to catch on.

Similar to other pop punk bands that came before them, they put a lot of energy into every song. Unorganized notes and unfiltered thoughts are all carefully jammed into melodies in a unique way that grabs your attention. However, since the songs on Death Deserves A Name aren’t exactly upbeat. For the energy to spread to the listener instantaneously, the listener has to be on the same wavelength as the songs.

With that being said, you can’t ignore the talent that went into making this EP. Death Deserves A Name is filled with emotionally raw lyrics and storylines with a unique delivery. Songs like “Way It Was” is extremely relatable no matter the listener, and the theme that interlinks all the songs makes it a definite go-to album for whenever you’re feeling like you need a good shout.

In the end, this record might not be for everybody, and it might not be an EP that you listen to more than once or twice. But for a relatively new band, Can’t Swim have proved that they’ve got something worth listening to with Death Deserves A Name.

Death Deserves A Name drops tomorrow, February 26, through Pure Noise Records.

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