“Tip It” by 5to4, EP Review

5to4Taking after the likes of Peter Gabriel and Radiohead comes this all new EP by 5to4, Tip It. 5to4 is a solo project from songwriter and “progressive electronic” musician Phil Goss. Listening to their music though, you have a hard time believing that just one person was behind all of the unique sounds heard on Tip It. Compromised of just three songs, the EP definitely leaves its mark on the listeners.

Whether or not you like it is entirely up to your personal tastes. Tip It is delightfully weird and particularly unique for the electronic music of today. The three songs mesh well together, but not in a way that tells any comprehensible type of story. At least from what this listener can tell. Other listeners might be able to tell something different. Nothing on the EP is clear. To really be able to appreciate Tip It to its fullest extent, you need to be able to see things from a different perspective. Listening to this makes you want to at least try. Which is the absolute joy of this EP.

5to4 uses a myriad of different sounds and instruments to create the songs on Tip It. Typically, like in the leading title track, the instruments will be centered on one or two simple melodies. This technique gives the songs a kind of intrigue that wasn’t there before. It’s only enhanced by the crystal clear layering of the music itself. While it’s not perfect or the best, it does its job of giving the songs enough depth for you to sink into the music and get lost in it.

The lyrics are of particular interest. They’re not straight forward. Of every element on the EP, the songwriting is the element that has the most influence from Peter Gabriel, even David Bowie at times. The lyrics clearly state a thing, but the meaning is so much deeper than the words. Meaning upon meaning can be potentially taken from the lyrics. While the instrumentals and composition carry Tip It, it’s the songwriting and vocals that really sell it. Potentially.

At the end of Tip It¸ you might not feel like you’ve listened to something life changing. You might not even like it, and you might never want to listen to it again. No matter how you feel about the album at the end of the three songs, you feel like you’ve listened to something creative. Something worthwhile.


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