“Foreign Lovers” by Ra Ra Riot: Single Review

Ra Ra Riot is one of those casual loves for me still. They’re always a good time when I’m in the mood for them, but they just haven’t transitioned from once in a while to constantly playing. Still though, there’d be no time for new music if every band I enjoyed was constantly playing. Which makes interesting breaks like the release of a new single from one of the more casual loves all the better for me and my ears.

The song cuts straight into thee vocals, instantly building a groovy sort of sound that vibrated with energy. Bursts of more classically based instruments and stronger electronic presences dotted the song, making it so each second seemed to have something new for the ears, even as it blended the two extremes perfectly. It’s a short song, and it’s over almost too quickly.

All in all though? It’s a fantastic song, and definitely put a bit of pep back in my step. I certainly thing you should go out and listen to it as soon as you possibly can, because it makes the most out of its short duration.

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