“Broken” by 3 Doors Down: Single Review

Earlier this month, 3 Doors Down released a new track entitled “Broken”. Being quite fond of the group, I decided that it would make a lovely post for today. I dabbled around for a bit, not having listened to them in quite some times, and found that some of my favorites still hold strong over me.

This song starts out with high, vibrating energy and distant echoing vocals before blending together in a beautiful balance. It falls into a steady pace, and keeps the energy high and positive. The song draws you in gently, and swirls around you in a way that makes it hard to not get pumped up by the track.

All in all? I love the song a good bit, and I certainly think you should give it a shot if you haven’t heard it already. It’s got me all excited for their upcoming album, Us and the Night, that’s currently set to release on March 11.

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