“Bring Me Down Dixie” by Kate Brown: Single Review

It seems appropriate to wrap up this week with a taste of something new. It just so happens that that something new is going to be a song by Kate Brown. “Bring Me Down Dixie” suggests a country tone to the song by the title alone, and that is more than enough to get me intrigued and on board for an adventure.

The song itself is slow paced, with twangy guitars paired perfectly with Brown’s soulful and sorrowful vocals. Every note reverberates as part of a story, and holds the attention hostage for the entire length of the song. It’s an incredibly gorgeous track, that will certainly keep me coming back round for more. I’ve always had a soft spot for folk and country music, and this manipulates that natural weakness in all the best ways.

All in all, you should look this song up if you haven’t yet. Perhaps you’ll find Kate Brown as enchanting as I do, because I’m certainly sticking around for more from her. And I look forward to whatever comes next from her with great excitement.

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