“Break Into Your Heart” by Iggy Pop: Single Review

Every few months or so my friends take some enjoyment out of me trying to name songs by groups that are considered ‘Classic Rock’ or ‘Oldies’ or however you want to label them. From that, you can probably extrapolate that I have literally never listened to Iggy Pop. Ever. First time for everything right? At any rate, what better time to start listening than with an onslaught of new material?

The song wastes no time in roaring to life with a medley of mellow sounds that pull the listener into a track that is incredibly easy to listen to. The energy of the song swirls easily as soon as you start listening to it, and a variety of tempos are quickly mixed together. The sounds and speeds of the song are easily held together by the deep vocals, which hold steady through the end of the song, even as the instruments drift away.

All in all it’s a beautiful song, and it certainly has me intrigued to hear more of Iggy Pop’s catalog, as well as whatever is in store with the upcoming album. Post Pop Depression is currently set to release on March 18 of this year.

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