(EXCLUSIVE) The Sky Catching Fire Premieres New Music Video

“Monsters” is the new single from The Sky Catching Fire. The song itself has an upbeat coffee house acoustic vibe to it, and a melody that has the potential to get stuck in your head. The music video – exclusively premiered below this article – matches the tone of the song with a beautiful and flat out adorable music video.

The music video matches the acoustic charm, seeming more like a home video than a music video. “Monsters” is supposed to be just one part of a five part series, so it leaves you curious about what’s going to happen with these characters they’ve introduced. Flashing back and forth between a small club show and a story about a man who falls in love with a pixie and defends her from monsters. It gives a creative twist on the song and a chance to (at least feel) like you’re connecting with The Sky Catching Fire a bit more.

The Sky Catching Fire is made up of Thomas Monroe and Steve Ybarra, out of Orange County. “Monsters” is off of their upcoming EP, Blue, out February 5.

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