“Loose” by Smoke Season, Music Video Review

12547294_1747743762121938_228685543_n[1].jpgSmoke Season’s song “Loose” is intimately beautiful, with instrumentals and composition that work to transport you to a totally different place. The mesmerizing vocals and almost poetic, personal songwriting would be enough to draw anyone into this song – regardless of their music preferences. However, the music video for “Loose” makes the song all the more irresistible.

In “Loose,” Smoke Season put in a distinct Joy Williams flare. The music sounds like it wasn’t created, but birthed into creation, or woken up from a deep sleep. It just flows that effortlessly from the speakers to your ears. There’s a unique beauty in the song that isn’t really found in mainstream music. The music video for “Loose” follows that same train of thought. With an easy to follow story, wonderful cinematography, and unique narration; the music video feels just as intimate as the song.

As hinted before, the song doesn’t so much provide a soundtrack as it provides a narration. When you watch the characters of the music video and follow along with the story, it’s almost like they are the physical embodiment of certain elements from the song. The video is that connected to “Loose” in every way that it at least provides that effect. In just a short amount of time, the music video provides an in depth story with a beginning, middle, and end.

But for such a short song, that trait can be a double-edged sword. Because of how much that is jam packed into the music video compared to how short the song is, some viewers might not get the chance to really connect with the characters or the story. It doesn’t take away from the quality of the video or the beauty of the song, but is something that stops it from having a major impact. However, the video also promised to continue the story line in what we can assume to be a follow up music video, so this might give the audience another chance to connect with the characters.

Even with that drawback, the music video for “Loose” is unique and intimate and beautiful in its own delightful way, and definitely worth the watch.

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