“Pillowtalk” by Zayn Malik: Video Review

Eras end, and new ones begin. There has been plenty of talk about Zayn Malik and his new musical projects ever since he split off from One Direction in early 2014. Today, we finally witness the answer to all the wonder and speculations that have floated through the news vines. “Pillow Talk” was released today, and it is a welcome reprieve to many of his fans.

The song is certainly stronger in it’s R&B vibes and sound, and easily captures a sexy and erotic atmosphere. It’s got a steady pace to it, neither too fast nor too slow. It falls in a wonderful middle that captures the energy in just the right way. The song is wonderful, and certainly puts Malik’s solo career off to a strong start.

The video that’s attached to the song blend the sexy atmosphere built with the song with a taste of the surreal. There are several parts of the video that I would even call eerie in a sense. It’s incredibly hard to look away from the video, but it’s done in the best possible way. Though the video borders on the strange side, it doesn’t really leave the listener feeling lost and confused as it manages to blend that surrealism into the song with ease.

All in all? It was a somewhat immersive experience for this video and single. Once it has your attentions, it keeps them right until the end. If you haven’t given Zayn’s new release a chance yet, now may be the perfect time to do so.

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