“History” by One Direction: Music Video Review

It’s been a busy time for One Direction, even as they reach a close for the time being. Though they’ve made it clear that they’re embarking on an extended hiatus with their most recent album, Made in the A.M., there is still a few more things from them floating around and being released. Such as this brand new music video for their song “History”.

The video is incredibly simple, choosing to focus on black and white clips from through out the entirety of One Direction’s whirlwind start and career. From their victory on the X Factor to more recent events, the group condensed their history and highlights in a classy  and emotional way that was still incredibly fun and energetic to watch.

“History” is one of those songs where it’s difficult to get the video just right. Fortunately though, One Direction did an excellent job of creating a video that flowed with the music perfectly, capturing the energy of the song and of their own career to this point. A whole lot has happened since 2010 for the group, but despite whatever history has been written already, the future remains unwritten for now.

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