“Disintegration Anxiety” by Explosions in the Sky: Single Review

So today is a grab bag sort of day, and this managed to catch my eye on a trawl through of Spotify’s new releases. I vaguely recognized the artist, but not well enough to comment on or anything. I simply followed with my urge through because it looked interesting. And it does manage to deliver a very interesting sound in the first few seconds.

It started out with an eerie tone to it that faded in with a sort of apocalyptic and dissonant feel to it. Then there was a moment of silence, with the sound cutting off and leaving a stark absence as a guitar slowly built out of the quiet. The energy rose quickly, and the entire song seemed to vibrate in a sort of space like¬†theme. It is an incredibly gorgeous song, and I was a bit taken by surprise when it ended. I had expected it to go on a good bit longer. It doesn’t feel cut short or incomplete though, so I suppose it’s more of a desire?

In any case, it’s a wonderful track and I certainly recommend listening to you if instrumentals catch your ear a lot. It’s beautifully disconcerting, and holds the attention incredibly well. I’ll certainly be on the look out for more from this group.

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