“Death of a Bachelor” by Panic! at the Disco: Album Review

At long last. It’s here. Well, it’s been here since Friday I just finally got to a point where I could sit down and write about it rather than dancing around to it. This album collects singles like “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time”, “Hallelujah”, “Emperor’s New Clothes”, “Death of a Bachelor”, “LA Devotee”, and “Victorious”. Many of this songs were high energy, and easy to imagine in a club or at a party as you get lost in the music, and for a moment I was worried that the album would be nothing but party songs, which can be good but also wearing if there’s too many at once. It was an unfounded fear, one of those things that crop up in the last leg of lead up before some new thing you’re excited about comes out. Death of a Bachelor has songs that would not be out of place in a club or at a party, but it also takes several steps beyond and erases that worry with ease.

The album is a fantastic blend of highs, lows, and those messy in betweens. It is laden with heavy emotion and evocative language that can take the listener on a wild and fantastic journey. I swear to you, I’ve listened to this album practically non stop since it came out. This is the only album I’ve listened to since its release. And I walk away with a different favorite song every single time. Some have an easier time than others of winning my attention. “Emperor’s New Clothes” is still my jam and it always will be, no matter how many listens I go through. It’s such an intense song that has themes of taking control and rediscovery of the self. “House of Memories” is one of the tracks on the album that switches it up from the fast and manic songs and takes it down to slower and darker paths, but it takes everything I wanted from the one lyric blurb shared via Instagram and does so much more with it.

The album seems to flow easily from one track to the next, blending together in a way that takes them even deeper. Each of the singles stands beautifully on its own, but together? Together they form a whole new experience. And it is a wonderful experience. If you haven’t already, I heartily think that you should go and listen to this album as soon as you possibly can. It was well worth the wait, and it makes me more than eager for whatever it is that comes next from Panic! at the Disco.

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