Showbread is Showdead: Band’s Final Album Out Now

Showbread.pngShowbread is Showdead, the final Showbread record is out and available through iTunes, Spotify, and on Vinyl. More information can be found on the Showbread website.

Vocalist Joshua S. Porter for the band wrote a farewell note in the press release, quoting Hermann Hesse and saying that the Showbread is Showdead record is a soundtrack to the band’s self-destruct, and brings “an 18-year-old circle to a definitive close.” The full note can be read below.

Along with the album, Showbread plans to play a limited number of farewell shows, and more official details can be found on the Showbread website. The band has also released a documentary to go along with the album, titled Music Is Dead.

“Hermann Hesse once wrote, ‘Who would be born must first destroy a world.’ The trajectory of punk rock listlessness tends toward a sad and mostly overlooked decrescendo; once provocative artists fail to provoke, once powerful voices echo in an empty chamber. A once obstinate force stalls in the mud of obscurity, and so Showbread, surrounded on all sides, activates the self-destruct.

But the self-destruct, in this case, has a soundtrack. 43 minutes and 20 seconds of aggravated, concussive noise that brings an 18-year-old circle to a definitive close. Concerned not for some new voice, some abstracted concept, but preoccupied with words of closure, delivered in raucous rhythm nearly two decades in the making.

Raw rock kills one final time, and Showbread is Showdead.”
-Vocalist Joshua S. Porter

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