“Shades at Night” by Everywhere: Single Review

A busy day for me here on Music Unlabeled, I’m finally winding down to a close. I’ll be leaving you with a single from a band called Everywhere. Plenty of new and lesser known music to choose from today that’s been worth the time, and Everywhere continues to hold that torch with ease.

The song starts off melodically, but easily builds in sound and energy. It’s easily captivating, and leaves you bouncing in your seat as it plays. “Shades at Night” has an inherently fun sound with evocative lyrics that seem to take a darker tone at points, but it’s a strangely upbeat song at the same time. The song balances itself with ease and stays ringing in the ears after it draws to a close.

Everywhere certainly grabbed my attention with this track, and I hope they catch yours too. I look forward to digging deeper into this group and following them closely in the future.

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