“Future Golden Age” by Fallstar: Album Review

I don’t think I’ve done anything but listen to new music this year, which feels really good honestly. It’s refreshing to listen to a bunch of new things as the year starts. It’s sort of a new birth, and what better time to try something new?

That’s  sort of the attitude I went into Future Golden Age, and I wasn’t disappointed. They started off soft, but oh did they get loud and do it well. The energy is practically palpable and the songs are incredibly engaging, and that’s just my reaction from the first few tracks of the album. The album continued to impress, seeming to worm it’s way into my very soul as it switched subtly between a variety of sounds, all the while keeping the overall cohesive sound.

Each song is an adventure in and of itself. I adore albums that take me on journeys like this, where each and every song catches the ear and begs for a replay. The album is easy to get lost in, and holds the attention extraordinarily well. It is so far from what I normally listen to, but I am absolutely delighted by this album and look forward to listening to it again, and have since well before the end of the album.

I definitely think you should give this album your attention. It is well worth the payout you get for it, and I am delighted to have been able to review it. I’m also eager to keep my eyes and ears on Fallstar to see what’s next for them and hear what they release next.

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