“Fields of God” by Zayn: Album Review

Another day full of new horizons and musical adventures here at Music Unlabeled! Today I get to wander through an album from a Croatian group called Zayn, and by the description alone I was intrigued. The band denotes itself as an instrumental post-metal group, so it’s easy to tell you’re about to hear something gorgeous.

They don’t let your expectations down. Their music is evocative and well balanced, blending together a variety of effects and sounds to paint a beautifully coherent sound. The songs had a good energy to them, and seemed to tell their own story even in the absence of vocals. The pacing was quick, but it matched the subtle nature of the high energy of the songs and made them flow with ease.

The album held the attention really well, and was incredibly easy to get into. Each song had it’s own unique energy that easily separated it from the previous one even as the album seemed to feel like a cohesive unit. All in all, it was an incredibly well done album that I really enjoyed.

I definitely think you should start seeking out this artist as soon as possible. They’ve got a wonderful sound, and they’re fantastic at creating music that twinges the emotions with a sense of expertise. They’re definitely something I think you should experience at least once, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from them in the times to come.

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