“Demarkation” by Opium Denn, Album Review

Iasjrca_3TLAqwTui9EsglK10u4lCmthJ53aF4W_Uug.jpgDemarkation is the debut release from Opium Denn. The album is a thirty-seven minute concept record that is supposed to expand your mind and “invoke the deepest parts of your soul.” There’s a version that uses Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations (HEV) to give the music an “other worldly” feeling and give the listener a sort of buzz, but that is not the version that Music Unlabeled reviewed. Even without the HEV added to it, Demarkation still left its mark and is sure to give any music lover a buzz of their own.

There’s a lot of instrumentals that all have their proper place and sound in the songs. You hear guitars, drums, synthesizers, vocals, and so much more. Once the music gets going, it’s easy to forget that so many instruments are involved in the songs. They’re blended together to create a single immersive sound that sweeps the listener away to another world. It’s especially apparent on “I Am A Feeling” parts one and two and three. Even though these songs are a few tracks apart, they have the same feeling to them. You’re instantly transported back into that same story line, that same world that you were in with “I Am A Feeling 1,” and same with “I Am A Feeling 3.” Different sounds, same feeling and stories behind them.

The vocals on Demarkation blend so perfectly with the instrumentals that they’re just as much a part of that single immersive sound as any other instrument. The lyrics mesh well with the music, perfectly vocalizing the sound and giving a narration, a meaning to the instrumentals. Sometimes it’s admittedly hard to pay attention to the lyrics – you’re more focused on the sound of the voice than what it’s saying. Certain songs totally blow you out of the water with how well connected the lyrics are to the music, “Eyes to the Sky” is one of them.

One of the greatest things about Demarkation is the composition. It’s not only well done, but it’s treated as an addition art form that’s just as important as the lyrics or the instrumentals. Through the amazing composition and production, you can hear every element of every song crystal clear. The instrumentals, the melodies, you as the listener are able to be totally immersed in it. Which describes the whole of Demarkation really. An immersive experience that will totally blow you away. For a debut album, Opium Denn really knocked it out of the park.

Want to hear them for yourselves or learn more about them? Find Opium Denn on Facebook. 

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