Round Eye’s Self-Titled Album: A Review

Here at Music Unlabeled we get the chance to listen to many interesting artists and sounds that we normally wouldn’t find on our preferred radio stations, even if they technically hit the prerequisites for that station. It’s fantastic, because it really answers a thirst for new music, for new sounds, for something that stands out and is different.

And that brings us to the debut album from a band called Round Eye. An experimental punk band from Shanghai, China I was excited to hear what lay in store on their album. Truthfully there was no telling what it would be, and that is always a fun adventure no matter the outcome.

It became clear pretty quickly that they were like nothing I had ever heard before, and at times felt a little all over the place. It was disconcerting at first, but as I continued to listen to the album I started to notice traces of how interconnected the songs were to each other. And then I noticed the light drizzling of history through the tracks, and how they played on that history with a variety of sounds, effects, and instruments. At certain points there even seemed to be the sound of planes soaring overhead, and at others the lyrics made the events being referenced a little more evident.

It’s an incredibly interesting album and certainly has a lot to offer to a listener even if it is definitely not going to be a universal cup of tea. It’s fun, and energetic, and certainly one of those things that offers you more and more the more that you listen to it. So, I do recommend you listen to this album, but I also suggest you go into the experience open to anything that could happen, because it can within this track list.

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