“Just A Wasteland” by Failure Anthem: Single Review

Still feeling the urge for new, I continue my grab bag technique in the lead up to a new year. Sure, the eve isn’t until tomorrow but does that stop it from winding down any? So I choose another artist that I know nothing about, and dip my toes into their sound.

The song starts off soft and melodic, and it does take on a louder song in the chorus, but not in a way that’s overwhelming to the ears. It’s a fantastic song with a good energy to it. It’s evenly paced and holds the attention well. It’s incredibly evocative with a slightly darker nature in certain areas, but it balances itself out incredibly well.

All in all? It’s an incredibly interesting song that I think you should go and listen to it as soon as you can. It’s got a sort of classic sound to it, but it makes a mark with it’s content. I’ll certainly be digging into the band a bit more because of this track, and maybe you will too.

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