“Falling” by Cubicolor: Single Review

As the holiday season draws to a close and we all struggling to come back to a tighter schedule, we must take baby steps. Sometimes, that’s jumping into a randomly chosen track. That’s certainly going to be the case for today at least. And so we launch into the review with bated breath, and wonder at what we’re going to hear.

The song grows quietly at the start, and easily creates a beautiful atmosphere within a matter of seconds. It’s a relaxing song, with the emotion laced in as sort of an underlying effect of everything. The song is very simple in nature, but that is easily part of it’s beauty when it’s said and done.

It’s a wonderful track, and a delight to listen to. It’s easy to fall in love with “Falling”. I definitely think you should stick your toes in, because this is the sort of a single that leaves the rest of the group’s sound open to a further adventure. Perhaps we’ll end up wandering it together.

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